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Maatram Foundation (Guarantee) Limited (MFGL)

Who we are:
We are a business with a difference. We believe in work ethics. We believe in partnership. Social entrepreneurship is our business model.

Why we are here:
Maatram Foundation (Guarantee) Limited was formed with the objective of identifying vulnerable individuals and communities who have been missed out in the flow of social stream and meet their needs through social entrepreneurship, voluntarism and community initiatives.

What we are going to do:
We intend to work with the rural youth and other vulnerable individuals for their empowerment and eventual integration into the society in collaboration with governmental and non governmental organizations and other relevant stakeholders.

Where we are doing business:
Our target communities in the immediate future will be in Vavuniya and other conflict affected northern districts without exclusion of other geographical areas.

How we are going to do:
Our primary work involves consultancies, capacity building and training activities for youth and others, facilitating social linkages and expert services.

What we expect from you:
We invite individuals with social conscience to join us in partnership. We will facilitate sharing of resources and expertise of our partners with the community through a transparent and accountable mechanism.

"Let us work for a better world from the village"


A society in harmony with equal opportunity for all through empowerment and sustainable development


Building the capacity of individuals and institutions by providing opportunities for sustainable development through social entrepreneurship.

Joining hands
for change.

Maatram Foundation
No: 152, 2nd Lane
Sri Lanka
Telephone: +94 24 222 3432
Email: contact[at]maatramfoundation.org